Brand Innovator

PCK prepares and files trademark applications for clients all over the globe. We build strong and meaningful relationships with our clients.

We are as innovative as you are.

We understand that branding is connecting your complete customer experience, and that trademark protection is about ensuring that you own that customer experience. PCK is dedicated to help you build and enforce global trademark portfolios that represent a true barrier-to-entry against your competition.


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    We recently transferred our business to Mary Malvaso of Perry + Currier; the move was seamless. We value their expertise and commitment to our business.

    Jill Moore
    Marketing Manager Media, Sponsorships and Trade
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    You guys are the best, simple as that.

    Ted Livingston
    CEO and Founder


Coleen Morrison

Coleen Morrison

BSc., J.D.

Mary Malvaso

Mary Malvaso

Trademark Agent

T. Andrew Currier

T. Andrew Currier

BSEE, LL.B., P.Eng.