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PCK prepares and files trademark applications for clients all over the globe. We build strong and meaningful relationships with our clients.

We are as innovative as you are.

We understand that branding is connecting your complete customer experience, and that trademark protection is about ensuring that you own that customer experience. PCK is dedicated to help you build and enforce global trademark portfolios that represent a true barrier-to-entry against your competition.


  • Amadeus is a global company with inventors in dozens of sites world-wide working together on complex software-focussed products. PCK is quick to understand the technology and our strategic needs and is thus a “go-to” firm for originating patent drafting. PCK handles Amadeus invention disclosures, patent and design drafting, filing and prosecution as well as on-site invention harvesting. Their direct work before the USPTO and CIPO is extremely convenient for our North American needs, and they work seamlessly with our network of foreign counsel.  They also provide sound advice on our internal records management for our IP unit. We admire their creativity and excellence and how they bring value to the protection of Amadeus intellectual property.

    Cassandra Derham
    Senior IP Attorney, Head of Technical IP
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    We recently transferred our business to Mary Malvaso of Perry + Currier; the move was seamless. We value their expertise and commitment to our business.

    Jill Moore
    Marketing Manager Media, Sponsorships and Trade
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    You guys are the best, simple as that.

    Ted Livingston
    CEO and Founder
  • The trademark team at PCK led by Mary provides excellent client service and has been successful in achieving registration for our trademark portfolio in North America.

    Kathryn Borgatti
    General Counsel
  • The due diligence, responsiveness and professionalism from the team at PCK led by Mary Malvaso is second to none. It is for this reason along with its significant North American market expertise that PCK is our IP law firm of choice.
    Ken Wong
    Vice President
  • At Key, we're redefining home ownership through our co-ownership platform and PCKIP has provided its excellent Patent and Trademark application expertise. PCK has been very knowledgeable, thorough, and professional.

    Yash Mody
    Director of Operations
  • At Ventus Respiratory, we protect those who protect us. We strive to move fast and deliver value. PCK has helped us not only in the procedural aspects of managing our IP portfolio but has also served as a valuable advisor, ensuring our IP activities and efforts are appropriate and aligned for our business.

    Norrie Sheng
    VP, Product & Engineering


T. Andrew Currier

T. Andrew Currier

BSEE, LL.B., P.Eng.

Headshot of Alan F. Feeney, patent attorney, patent agent, and trademark attorney

Alan F. Feeney

B.Sc. (Chemistry), LL.M., JD