Our IP storytellers have the job of telling your IP story. Our expert paralegals and Otto take care of the rest.

Otto is one of the most advanced legal practice management software systems on the planet. And its only available from PCK.

Otto takes care of all of the little filing details in a dizzyingly complex global IP system. Developed and maintained by our team of full‐time software developers, Otto includes artificial intelligence (“AI”) modules capable of reading, understanding and processing patent and trademark office documents from across the globe. Run by our team of expert paralegals, Otto keeps track of deadlines, automatically handles flat fee schedules and billing, maintains electronic copies of your files, sends reminders, generates reports and dashboards, reports documents and much, much more. Otto is constantly under development to add new features that streamlines the administrative side of handling global IP portfolios.

Innovation @ PCK

Hear Andrew Currier speak about Innovation at PCK


Hear Andrew Currier speak about Innovation at PCK