Stefan Jochheim

VP, IP Portfolio Investments
MBA of International Economics

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Stefan joins PCK from Germany offering an international perspective. Having originally studied Economics, and more recently Business Administration in International Economics, he brings a wealth of experience to the patent team.

His career path started out in Business Development where he initially worked as a Manager. Stefan quickly realized that he wanted to broaden his horizons and moved to a Swedish IT company where he assisted in growing the European arm of the business heading up offices in Berlin, Vienna and Paris.

His career path saw him branch out into Sales and Marketing when he was offered the role of Director for a Japanese FCMG company. It was in this role that Stefan became recognized as a leader in his field ultimately leading to him being nominated by a German magazine as Manager of the year in the category “fastest growing foreign company in Europe”.

Stefan’s journey into the world of patents began in 2012 when a friend asked him to help with the patent validation of his Swedish company. The plan for globalization meant that Stefan played a pivotal role in the business’s growth with an emphasis on the protection of its inventions. His role developed into Vice CEO initially in the field of patent validation, PCT applications and annual fees. He later went on to became CEO for a company dealing with licensing, IP due diligence, IP Valuation and more. This is where Stefan’s German roots really came into their own being tasked with establishing the growth of the firm in Germany. Stefan was able to utilize all his experience, skills and useful business connections to ensure that the firm made a successful entrance into the German business sector.

Stefan is a strategic thinker which helps in devising a strategy according to clients’ needs. Stefan is committed to ensure each and every aspect of the patent process is supported from inception to the final steps of patent grant. His critical thinking ensures inventions through a patent, utility model or industrial design will be fully protected.

With Stefan’s technical vision he will recommend how best to approach the international protection of your designs, research and developments.


Diploma in Business Economics, University of Hamburg, Germany
MBA in International Economics, University of Greenwich, London, England