Our focus is identifying and protecting your IP to build investor confidence in your business.

For good reason, many of our clients call us founder friendly. That’s because the PCK team has many professionals who have spent several years in start up and early stage companies. We understand that IP is just a part of your business plan.

PCK is pleased to assist startups create and incorporate “barriers-to-entry” protocols by developing the tools required to protect your business and grow revenues – including trade secrets, patents & trademarks.

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    After creating a highly effective restaurant marketing tool, we asked PCK to protect our IP. For a growing high tech business. you can't find a better IP firm.

    Olivier Centner
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    You guys are the best, simple as that.

    Ted Livingston
    CEO and Founder
  • Clearpath Robotics

    We provide inspired robotics solutions to clients worldwide. PCK has been our IP firm from the beginning, providing innovative patent filing strategy and top notch service as we continue on our path to deploying intelligent systems in new and exciting ways.

    Ryan Gariepy
  • ann-makosinski-flashlight Bob Stratton and PCK patiently and professionally guided me in all legal aspects of my inventions. I highly recommend them to all entrepreneurs.

    Ann Makosinski
    2014 Weston Youth Innovation Award Winner
  • Voltera logoVoltera is disrupting the world of circuit board prototyping with its innovative circuit board printer. PCK has been with us from the beginning, helping us write our provisional patent filing and supporting us as we grow. They are patent experts that understand our business and even suggest IP strategy. PCK makes a great business partner.

    Katarina Ilic
  • As a startup, we hope to improve people's lives. As a patent agency and law firm, PCK has succeeded in improving our lives as IP creators. They have gone above and beyond in assisting with our business and intellectual property strategy. They are approachable, knowledgeable, helpful, fun, and they truly show they care. They are amazing to work with and we look forward to continue our relationship.
    Andrew Martinko
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    Our goal is to eliminate serious skate cuts in hockey. We’re creating skate-cut-proof hockey equipment to help prevent career-altering or life-threatening injuries. Ryan Smith and the team at PCK understand that IP protection is just as important as the right design. My successful application was worth the investment and the process highly efficient. An outstanding team!

    Greg MacNeil
  • Ryan Smith and PCKIP successfully helped TouchBistro navigate the US patent process and obtain a commercially valuable US Patent. They did a great job understanding our sophisticated mobile/cloud technology. Their skill, persistence, and advocacy both in drafting, written submissions, and in person before the USPTO were fundamental to TouchBistro's US patent being granted.
    Alex Barrotti
    Founder and CEO

    PCK’s legal expertise has been a valuable resource for Velocity companies navigating the world of patents and trademarks. They understand startups and are great to work with.

    Nancy Heide
    Associate Director
  • I constantly find myself recommending PCK. Their excellent communication ensures you make all the best decisions for your company, their acumen insures the very best results for your IP protection, and their gracious professionalism leaves you feeling considered and assured.

    Chris Prendergast
    CEO and Founder
  • We have enjoyed a successful and productive working relationship with PCK and have been thrilled with the results and level of attention and service with our Global IP portfolio.

    Alexa Abiscott
    General Counsel and Secretary
  • PCK has played an integral role in defining our patent strategy and has worked with us to tailor it toward our specific industry and broader goals. Their expertise drafting patent applications and IP agreements has been invaluable to us as a startup. We couldn't ask for better service, experience and support.

    Ryan Marchewka
  • PCK has been an excellent match for H2nanO, bringing their diligence, innovation, and start-up experience to make our company and IP strategy stronger. Thanks for being an important part of our mission to advance water treatment!

    Zac Young
  • PCK is a cost conscious and startup-friendly IP Protection firm which always has our best interest in mind. We can strategize together about IP protection and collaborate on new ideas. Damian, Ryan, and the PCK team have been a valuable resource which has enabled IdeaCuria to make progress and secure the road ahead in the global marketplace.

    Gregory Agostinelli
  • Ryan has been instrumental in securing our intellectual property protection and he thoroughly understands our technology and IP needs.  As a result, we have been able to grow our business substantially. We would not hesitate to recommend PCK’s patent services.

    Youssef Helwa
  • David and his team at PCK have been instrumental in protecting our IP and we are extremely pleased with the high level of client service.

    Alireza Ghasempoor
  • Alan has been instrumental in successfully protecting our IP and we would not hesitate to recommend PCK.

    Brent Stead
  • At Key, we're redefining home ownership through our co-ownership platform and PCKIP has provided its excellent Patent and Trademark application expertise. PCK has been very knowledgeable, thorough, and professional.

    Yash Mody
    Director of Operations
  • PCK is a great partner to have on the startup journey. As a co-founder and inventor, I needed skilled IP counsel that could protect our technology. PCK quickly grasped our value proposition and helped us file for patents to protect our core IP assets. This firm clearly has mastered the process of patent applications. Not only were the agents clear on what was needed from us, they were very transparent on the process and what it entailed. After a successful exit, we thank you for your support.

    Jag Siva
    Company Name Confidential
  • At Ventus Respiratory, we protect those who protect us. We strive to move fast and deliver value. PCK has helped us not only in the procedural aspects of managing our IP portfolio but has also served as a valuable advisor, ensuring our IP activities and efforts are appropriate and aligned for our business.

    Norrie Sheng
    VP, Product & Engineering
  • As an innovative hardware startup company, having a fast acting IP lawyer that you can trust makes technology development so much easier. We recommend PCK to everyone we meet.

    Jason Lu
    Co-Founder & CEO


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Pros and Cons of US Provisional Patent Applications
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