IP Funding: Federal and Provincial Government Grants and Financing

The Federal and Provincial governments have made funding available to startups and SME corporations which need IP training, strategy development and application filings. PCK is a service provider and able to assist with estimates and funding applications.

For more information please contact us at info@pckip.com.


National Research Council, IRAP IP Assist

If you’re a small or medium sized Canadian business pursuing technology driven innovation, you may be eligible for financial support from NRC’s Industrial Research Assistance Program. Funding is provided to eligible companies under the technology innovation projects and youth employment strategy programs.

The IP Assist Program offers a subsidy of up to $50,000.

If you are already an IRAP client, contact your Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) to discuss a comprehensive IP strategy which could help your startup protect its intellectual property with patents, trademarks and designs. An IP strategy could also help identify potential competitors and future partners.

If you’re a suitable candidate, you will get an IP Assist Proposal template from your ITA. Please return to your ITA, the completed template along with a quote from your IP lawyer/consultant [PCK agent] for the proposed work.

The IP Assist Service has three levels:

  • Level 1 – up to $1,000. Educational offerings for clients including an initial discussion with an IRAP ITA to discuss your current level of knowledge and firm IP strategy
    An IP Professional will host a tailored Level 1 (L1) one-to-one IP Awareness session with you and your team during which they will provide industry-specific IP information and guidance. L1 engagement provides the IP professional with an opportunity to connect, support and guide innovative businesses to help them achieve their business goals. This will take, on average, 3 hours (including and IP awareness presentation followed by Q&As).
  • Level 2 – up to $25,000 (75% of contractor fees and up to 80% of internal employee costs). For clients working with an IP service provider to deliver a custom IP strategy. PCK can provide you with an estimate and scope of work to support your application.
  • Level 3 – up to $25,000 (75% contractor fees, 80% salaries). Intended to enable clients to access licensed legal services to action IP strategy.
    If you don’t have an ITA, you may call toll-free 1-877-994-4727 to learn more about NRC IRAP.
    NRC IRAP support for intellectual property
    Financial support for technology innovation through NRC IRAP

Ineligible Costs:

  • Legal fees to cover the drafting of patent applications, responding to office actions, or foreign agent fees and charges
  • Fees due to national patent offices, including but not limited to patent filing fees, examination fees, and annuity/maintenance fees
  • Patent drafting and prosecution engagements
  • Freedom-to-operate legal opinions
  • Infringement and validity opinions
  • Memberships or subscriptions
  • File management costs, whether internal to the firm or due to external service providers


Innovation Asset Collective (IAC)

IP Funding for SMEs which are capital constrained and need IP strategy and education, market intelligence and funding. There are 2 options, IP credit towards IP spend or IAC grant.

IAC has three IP Grant programs available: for Full Members, Associate Members, and a grant for women-led companies.

  • IAC’s Full Member Grant pool is $200K per round, with individual awards ranging from $5K – $20K.
  • Associate Member and Women in IP Grant allocate a pool of $100K per round, with individual awards ranging from $5K-$10K.

IAC Program IP Funding


Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON)

Created Winter 2022 by the Ontario Government to provide intellectual property supports and services to help corporations and researchers innovate and grow. Funding covers patent and trademark filing and prosecution activities and the maximum funding is $35,000 for eligible expenses.


  • Be an entrepreneur, Ontario small-and-medium size enterprise, or researcher.
  • Own or have authority from the IP owner to manage the IP that would be supported by services.

Funding may be used for services such as:

  • IP assessment and IP audits
  • IP strategic advice and support
  • IP protection such as patents, trademarks or copyright registrations
  • Legal advice for the preparation and/or review of agreements that protect, create or support IP

For more information, please contact info@ip-ontario.ca.

About Intellectual Property Ontario


Communitech ElevateIP

ElevateIP is a federally funded, nationwide project designed to help business accelerators and incubators provide the tools Canadian startups need to understand, manage and leverage their intellectual property. The Communitech program launch date is November 23, 2023 for startups in Ontario and Manitoba and Saskatchewan, in partnership with North Forge Technology Exchange.

Funding may be used for services such as:

  • IP assessment and IP audits to identify strategy gaps
  • IP strategic advice and support
  • IP protection such as patents, trademarks or copyright registrations
  • Legal advice for the preparation and/or review of agreements that protect, create or support IP

For more information, please sign up here.

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Springboard Atlantic IP Advantage (AIPA)

Atlantic IP Advantage Funding Program for IP Strategy Development and IP Strategy Implementation. This program provides services to Atlantic Canadian Business Startups needing intellectual property education and assistance with ElevateIP support from ISED.  Grant funding includes IP strategy creation and IP filings and government fees. For more information, contact Niraj Shukla at nshukla@springboardatlantic.ca or +1-709-689-9907.

About Springboard Atlantic

About Springboard Atlantic’s IP Advantage Program


Innovate Calgary, Elevate IP

Innovate Calgary is piloting a program for 100 startups and accepting applications now for a Spring 2024 program launch. Please contact  elevateip@innovatecalgary.com for more information.

About Innovate Calgary

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New Ventures BC, Accelerate IP (based on Elevate IP)

AccelerateIP, offered in BC, Yukon, and Northwest Territories, now provides enhanced access to education, skills development, and financial support for protecting, managing and leveraging your intellectual property. This initiative is based on the federal ElevateIP program by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). The program will run until March 31, 2026. Check the link below for more information and the application portal.

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BDC IP-Backed Financing

The Intellectual Property-Backed Financing solution from BDC Capital recognizes the strength and value of intellectual property (IP) portfolios and helps develop, scale and expand businesses.

BDC delivers strategic funding and value-add to IP-rich companies that traditional lenders tend to overlook. Organizations can obtain capital to accelerate commercial success on a global scale.

Investments from $2M to $10M (participation in one or more rounds); customized term debt, convertible debt and equity.


  • Strong, well-managed commercialized companies with sound IP strategies.
  • Stable and growing revenues of at least $5M
  • Ownership or license of patents, trademarks, trade secrets, proprietary software, data and copyright
  • A plan for global ambition.

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