Headshot of Stephen Perry, a registered US and Canadian patent agent

Stephen Perry

B.Sc., P.Eng

T. Andrew Currier

T. Andrew Currier

BSEE, LL.B., P.Eng.

Headshot of Gregor Binkley, lawyer

Gregor Binkley

B.A., LL.B., LL.M, MBA

Headshot of Gillian Burrell, a licensed lawyer and patent agent trainee.

Gillian Burrell

B.Sc.(Hons), J.D.

Jillian Carter


Headshot of Alan F. Feeney, patent attorney, patent agent, and trademark attorney

Alan F. Feeney

B.Sc. (Chemistry), LL.M., JD

Donald Frugé

Donald Frugé


Andrea Gonsalves, lawyer

Andrea Gonsalves


Headshot of David R. Heckadon, a US patent attorney, trademark attorney, and lawyer

David R. Heckadon

J.D., M.B.A., BComm, B.S. Mech Eng.

A photograph of registered patent agent David Johnson wearing a pink shirt and glasses.

David J. Johnson

Ph.D. (Physics)

Headshot of Christina Lee, a registered US and Canadian patent agent

Christina S. Lee


Headshot of Gregory C. Ludlow, a trademark agent and lawyer

Gregory C. Ludlow

B.A., J.D., C.S.

Mary Malvaso, a registered trademark agent

Mary Malvaso

Trademark Agent


Raul Palacios Gamez

Raul Palacios Gamez

M.Sc. (Eng.), B.Sc. (Eng.)

Headshot of Ryan Smith, a registered US and Canadian patent agent

Ryan Smith

B.Sc. (Eng.)

Kristjan Spence, a registered US and Canadian patent agent

Kristjan Spence

B.Sc. (Eng.)

Brendan van Niejenhuis, lawyer

Brendan van Niejenhuis

LL.B., B.A. (Hons.)

Headshot of Kathy Wojtalewicz, a registered patent agent

Kathy Wojtalewicz

BSc., Eng.

Support Staff – (View bios)

  • Adriana McCullough
    Office Administrator
  • David Lim
    Systems Administrator
  • Evelyn Esguerra
    General Accountant
  • Francine Hoang
    Senior Accountant
  • Heather Rego
    HR/Accounting Assistant
  • Indra Fernando
    IP Administrator
  • Karen Yu
    IP Clerk
  • Lori Kerr
    IP Clerk
  • Lorraine James
    IP Clerk
  • Nicole Jalava
    IP Clerk
  • Peter Figueiredo
    Docketing Clerk
  • Sarah Domingues
    IP Clerk
  • Wendy Low
    Manager, Client Services and Reciprocity
  • Zenaida Bengco
    IP Clerk
  • Zoya Tchokrev
    IP Clerk, Founding Member


Headshot of Christina Nguyen, CFO of PCK Intellectual Property

Christina Nguyen, CFO, Shareholder


Yasmeen Palmas, HR Director


Van Quan, Support Team Manager