T. Andrew Currier

BSEE, LL.B., P.Eng.
Patent Agent (Can/US)
Trademark Agent (Can)
Lawyer (Ont)
+1-416-920-8170 Ext. 109

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Andrew is a recognized leader in intellectual property, combining experience in industry, law and academia before co-founding PCK. Andrew’s industry experience includes General Counsel for a publicly-traded flat-panel display company, IP counsel for a Silicon Valley start-up, engineer for the automotive industry and control systems. In law, Andrew practised for several years with three of Canada’s national firms. In academia, Andrew held a teaching appointment as Adjunct Professor at Western University in London Ontario, teaching patent law from 2000-2007. Cited by the Supreme Court of Canada, he is also co-author (with Stephen Perry) of Canadian Patent Law (5th ed. LexisNexis, 2024) the first text on Canadian patent law by practitioners in over thirty years when the first edition was published in 2012. In 2022, the fourth edition was cited repeatedly by the Supreme Court of Canada in Nova Chemicals Corp. v. Dow Chemical Co. ([2022] SCC 43).

Andrew combines the traditions of professional excellence with modern business savvy. As co-founder of PCK, Andrew spearheaded several innovations in professional practice management, notably PCK’s paperless practice which includes state-of-the-art electronic workflow and billing engines, a subject on which Andrew speaks regularly. This work has placed PCK on the forefront in the use of advanced software to efficiently deliver tier-1 professional services using transparent, “CFO-friendly” cost management tools that focus on client value rather than opaque billable-hours.

Andrew’s breadth is expressed through his practice, as he counsels clients on all aspects of intellectual property, including strategy, invention mining, branding, portfolio management, commercialization, litigation and dispute resolution, built on a core foundation of excellence in originating patent and trademark preparation, filing and prosecution. His clients span the range of start-ups to large enterprises, and he takes pride in bringing his skills to the corporate journey all the way from founding to scaling and maturity.

Andrew Currier’s practice includes a heavy emphasis on corporate IP strategy. Andrew views IP services as forms of practical barrier-to-entry tools that can be purchased from IP attorneys, not as expensive arcane legal instruments devoid of practical purpose. Andrew brings several years of experience in building and operating businesses and utilizes those skills to assess what intellectual property services, such as patents and trademarks, may be acquired to supplement organic barriers-to-entry, such as speed to market, know how, and cost management.   His process involves working with C-suite team members using existing corporate strategy materials such as business plans, investor pitch decks, and corporate strategy documents.  Andrew analyzes those materials and identifies appropriate patent, trademark and other IP programs that match the corporate business objectives. Andrew then concludes his process with budget proposals and statements-of-work surrounding the acquisition of IP services, presented within the context of the overall corporate financial vision. The C-suite team is then equipped to assess those options in a transparent fashion and plan the future of the business and the acquisition of IP services with relative certainty.

In academia, Andrew held an appointment as Adjunct Professor teaching patent law at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law in 2015. He also held this appointment at Western University, London, Ontario from 2000 to 2007. He has also acted as a referee for the UBC Law Review Society and is a volunteer IP mentor for the Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, Ryerson University (“CEIE Program”).

Passionate about diversity, Andrew served as a Vice-Chair of the IPO Women in IP Law Committee and was an active member of Black Unity Congress during his undergraduate studies at Kettering University. In Toronto, Andrew regularly volunteers to provide mentoring and seminars for youth members of Roots Community Services.

Andrew Currier was elected to the Board of Directors of the College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents (CPATA), 2022.


Bachelor of Laws, University of Western Ontario
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Kettering University


US11227095, 2022, Automated Dynamic Document Generator
US11500902, 2022, Method, System And Apparatus For Intermediating Database Updates
US11526519, 2022, System And Method For Automatic Docketing And Data Entry
US11704302, 2023, Method, System And Apparatus For Processing Database Updates


Entrepreneurial Achievement Award, Kettering University Alumni, 2020


Barrister and Solicitor, Law Society of Ontario
Professional Engineer, Professional Engineers of Ontario
College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents, Board of Directors (CPATA)
American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO)
International Trademark Association (INTA)


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Andrew Currier CEO of PCK IP on Becoming an Intellectual Property Thought Leader